Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artists Handbook

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Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artists Handbook e-book cover (isbn: 0240806697)
  • ISBN: 0240806697
  • Publisher: Focal Press
  • Year: 2005
  • File Extension: PDF
  • Size: 22,4 MB

Book Description:

Painter IX Creativity is a comprehensive creative guide to Corel's Painter IX Software. It explains the basics of setting up, understanding, customizing, and applying Painter to create original works, paintings, generating painterly animations, manipulating and transforming photographic images, and constructing evocative photo-collage. The projects include advanced techniques and creative strategies.

The book gives visual artists-digital designers, multimedia artists, photographers, illustrators, animators, and graphic artists-the explanations they need in order to maximize the sophisticated, creative Painter tool. The book teaches the artist how to transfer traditional art skills and techniques to the computer. It teaches the animator how to add painterly effects to their work, whether for video, TV, or the web. IT explains how photographers can transform and collage their images with natural-media tools. For Adobe Photoshop users, this book explains the expanded creative potential Painter lends to their work.

The author takes a knowledgeable and straightforward approach to this step-by-step project-based book, explaining how each tool is used, every effect achieved, and every topic thoroughly described. The book allows readers to build upon their knowledge so that beginners have the chance to become advanced users, and advanced users have an opportunity to hone their skills and adopt new techniques.

*Learn how to use the phenomenal image creation tool, Corel Painter IX, with clear, organized, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions from an internationally recognized computer artist and Painter master!
*CD-ROM includes unique custom brushes and art materials not supplied with Corel Painter IX, plus tutorial images for all projects
*A new Instructor Manual is available from the publisher
*The only Painter workbook that addresses both creativity and technical proficiency
*Teaches creative techniques that can be adapted by all visual artists as well as photographers, designers, and illustrators.


Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artists Handbook