Scimitar SL-2 (Arnold Morgan series, Book 7) - Patrick Robinson

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Scimitar SL-2 (Arnold Morgan series, Book 7) - Patrick Robinson e-book cover (isbn: 0060086653)
  • ISBN: 0060086653
  • Publisher: HarperTorch
  • Year: 2005
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Book Description:

A massive tsunami triggered by a terrifying weapon in the hands of a madman ...

Scimitar SL-2

He calls himself Ravi Rashood, a former SAS officer who currently masterminds one of the world's most virulent terrorist organizations. An elusive madman dedicated to the annihilation of the West, he now possesses the means to accomplish his nightmarish goal: a nuclear-tipped cruise missile named after the avenging sword of the Muslim warrior Saladin.

Fired into the crater of the most dangerous volcano in the Canary Islands, the Scimitar SL-2 will trigger a sequence of geophysical events that will create a mega-tsunami the likes of which have not been seen in modern times. It would pound the southern coastlines of Europe and flatten the entire eastern seaboard of the United States.

U.S. Admiral and retired National Security Adviser Arnold Morgan knows that Rashood must be stopped, but finding him won't be easy. The killer and his terrorist crew are hiding aboard a virtually undetectable submarine somewhere in the vast depths of the ocean. But for Morgan and the U.S. Navy, there is no choice -- because time is an enemy ... and the only alternative is the first Atlantic mega-tsunami in 4,000 years.


Scimitar SL-2 (Arnold Morgan series, Book 7) - Patrick Robinson