Wine Quality: Tasting and Selection (Food Industry Briefing)

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Wine Quality: Tasting and Selection (Food Industry Briefing) e-book cover (isbn: 1405113669)
  • ISBN: 1405113669
  • Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
  • Year: 2009
  • File Extension: PDF
  • Size: 1,4 MB

Book Description:

Throughout the eight thousand years of vinous history wines have been tasted and their qualities examined in at least a basic way. Today producers can control the growing and winemaking processes, and the consumer may choose from a vast array of wines, both fine and ordinary. Tasting and evaluating these requires knowledge, skill and diligence.

This book provides a concise, easy to use and clearly presented understanding of the techniques of wine tasting, quality assessment and evaluation. The reader is taken through the various stages of a structured and professional approach to tasting and the book examines the questions as to what constitutes quality in wines, how quality can be recognised and how it is achieved. Also discussed are the faults that can destroy wines at any quality level, and misconceptions as to quality and guarantees.

Clearly presented and easily readable the book includes:
* Diagrams
* Tables
* Tasting vocabularies
* Colour Plates

Written by Keith Grainger, highly regarded international wine educator and wine consultant, this book provides a concise, quick reference aimed at busy wine industry professionals, students or others who wish to gain a detailed knowledge of the concepts of wine tasting and quality assessment.

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Wine Quality: Tasting and Selection (Food Industry Briefing)