How to Prepare a Business Plan, 5th Edition

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How to Prepare a Business Plan, 5th Edition e-book cover (isbn: 0749441917)
  • ISBN: 0749441917
  • Publisher: Kogan Page Business Books
  • Year: 2004
  • File Extension: PDF
  • Size: 1 MB

Book Description:

* Fully revised and updated * Practical guidance given on all aspects of business plans * Includes case studies and examples "Ideal for entrepreneurs and decision-makers in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Highly recommended." -- George Cox, Director General, Institute of Directors "Still the best book available on the subject." -- The Bookseller's Review of Business Books A business plan provides a blueprint for the future of business start-ups. It sets out a company's aims and how it proposes to achieve them. Without such a plan no venture capital house or bank will consider a loan for start-up or expansion. This fully revised new describes the best way to prepare a business plan that will help get the financial backing needed. It includes practical case studies and cash flow forecasts, as well as advice on expanding a business, planning the borrowing and monitoring business progress.

"Edward Blackwell's How to Prepare a Business Plan is still one of the best books available in a sea of business plan guides. Why? It updates a prior best-seller and provides clear explanations, breaking the entire process into easily-digested segments, from producing cash-flow forecasts to planning company expenditures and incoming monies. The small business case studies are particularly well done."--The Bookwatch


How to Prepare a Business Plan, 5th Edition

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